“Soumitra is a solemn educationist, transmuted into an enlightened soul in this materialistic world.”

Soumitra is a solemn educationist who spent twenty-one years, most as the principal educator, in India. He has transmuted into an enlightened soul and wrote his debut Love Your Wife as an author. He is an acclaimed academician with rich and qualitative experience from every walk of life and an observant of human behavior for several years to extract his students' best performances. He is a dynamic and enthusiastic leader—a very resourceful motivational speaker, and a life trainer with a practical approach.
Soumitra calls you to dwell in the present to weave exhilarated succeeding days.

Who is Soumitra Singh Thakur?

Soumitra Singh Thakur is a renowned academician with rich and qualitative experience of twenty-one years in the education field. He is an Achievement-oriented professional with excellent people management skills and an ability to manage change with ease.

He has acquired excellent insight through his long career as an educationalist, highly effective administrator, a credential motivational rhetorician, and a corporate trainer for teachers, students, and parents.

He is a highly motivated individual with excellent people and leadership skills and high educational ethics. He has built a consistently successful record of accomplishments in the academic field. His strengths and abilities have enabled him to work successfully with a variety of pupils and people.

He is a firm believer in “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” for any individual to excel in Life.

He is an MA in English literature and possesses a professional degree in education. Soumitra is working on a mission to build happy human relationships for people to live a harmonious life. He is a straight-forward person with an inclination in spirituality, a meditator, and a yoga practitioner. He is the enlightened soul and learned to live in the present and remains untouched in the materialistic world.

He is a convergent thinker. He can distinctively and rapidly grasp the problem in an institute or individual and can help them resolve it through his training and leading sessions supported by his skills. He has penned down his observations of Life in his debut, Love Your Wife, and is working on the next title, Love Your Husband, to bring happiness in the Life of two. Soumitra would be happy to help you resolve your hindrances to succeed on the path of becoming a happy human in the Life. You can write Soumitra by putting your queries, and he will revert via his blog or podcast once you subscribe to his blog.

He lives in Ujjain, India, with his loving wife Kokila, their two daughters Joell and Pradnya, and his parents Mr. Mahendra Singh and Mrs. Indu Singh.

Soumitra’s Mission is To help people Build a Happy Human Relationship to live a Harmonious Life.

“Soumitra’s Life Philosophy”

Soumitra believes; One has to live a happy life if he wants to be successful.

The word "Happy Life" is effortless to utter but living Happy Life is not easy. There is nothing real on the emotional level in today's digital world, where every walk of Life is full of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual friends.

Every relation is an artificial relation in today's virtual world, like husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, employers and employees, business personnel, and customers. There is no space for the emotions of people; they are artificial. Everyone can purchase all the worldly things available as per his bank-balance. But no one can think of having abstracts like Love, Care, Empathy, Compassion, Responsibility, Honesty, Belief, Trust, and Faith. To live happily, one has to have all the abstracts in Life, which is not easy. If you love your near and dear, then only you will care for them. Once you care for them, you will empathize with them, empathy will bring compassion, compassion will give responsibility, responsibility will incarnate honesty in the individual, honesty will develop a belief, belief will build trust, and trust will give birth to faith in your mind.

The moment you have faith in anyone in the world, you always remain happy. All religious people have faith in God. They never complain to God; instead, they put up their problems to God and converse with him. Though they know there will be no face-to-face communication, they still have faith, and they keep on talking throughout their lives. Suppose any human who is religious by heart falls into a troublesome situation; he remembers god due to his faith.

Remaining happy is a journey of Life from love to faith for everyone in any relationship with each other and then with every living creature of this planet.

The first step to having a real feeling of love for our near and dear is essential. Referring to this statement, Soumitra took his mission to message the world through his pen and thought of guiding the world with a practical approach. A typical human can't remain untouched in the materialistic world. Soumitra achieved this state of mind as a human. He is on the mission to teach the practical approach of his journey to the world. Anyone who feels that it is difficult to take the path of spirituality, even that human, can also remain happy in Life. Soumitra feels delighted to answer your queries on the questions of your life situations via his blog. You can subscribe to his blog and put up your queries to him, and he will address them in the blog every second and fourth Thursday of the month.