Love Your Wife

An insightful reference manual to have a joyous married life.

It clearly shows that you already love your wife and are curious to learn more about it. And why not? A loving and caring husband like you would only think about that. This companion of love and devotion in your hand will invoke deep thoughts in you. It will reveal the true husband inside you, a husband, who you don’t show to anyone, not even to your wife, (Maybe).

A must read for every loving husband.

This book will share such an insightful perspective of human relations between a husband and a wife that will give you an outcome of joyous married life in this materialistic world in this materialistic world would ever have done. Absolutely, NO ONE. I am not going to paint a rosy picture, folks! But I am going to lay bare some mind-blowing facts and naked truths of a married relationship.

And you know what?

This book will talk to you. That, too, in a manner that you communicate with yourself. It will bring out the honest…. or I can say… the naked you, in front of you. It is a self-talk book. While reading, you can not only talk to yourself but also answer the questions that arise within. Once you clearly understand your good points and the points of correction, you will look for solutions. Solutions that you will most definitely find at the end of each phase of life mentioned in this book, in the form of questions. And. As a gift from the side of this loving, caring, devotional husband writer, you will get some effortless, practice-oriented steps to live a harmonious married life. You will live the married life of your fantasies. Trust me.

If used effectively, this book will serve as a lifelong practical reference manual and a workbook for all the world’s erring husbands and all eligible bachelors to efficiently handle all the difficult phases of their married lives. And for that, a paperback version will prove a life savior. So, Take the call of love, devotion, and commitment.

“Read with not your eyes but your heart.”


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